Norah Abokhodair

Norah Abokhodair


User Experience Researcher

Norah Abokhodair is an applied social scientist with passion for designing and studying social technologies. She currently works as a User Experience Researcher at Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division (C&E). She has a diverse educational background in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer Science, Cross-Cultural Social Science, and Social Computing, enabling her to empathetically connect with users from different backgrounds.

Upon receiving the Fulbright Science Award, Norah came to the University of Washington, Seattle in 2009 from Saudi Arabia where she worked at DHL Express as a Direct Sales Manager. She recently received her PhD from the University of Washington Information School where she was a member of the Value Sensitive Design Lab and a co-founder of the Political project. Her dissertation project examined the use of social media by transnational Arab youth to understand how they conceptualize and enact values such as privacy and identity during movement from one social and geographical context to another. Abokhadair’s research has been featured in outlets such as CNN and the New York Post, in addition to published research in various academic conferences and journals in the area of Human-Computer Interaction and Social Computing.

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