Poster Sessions

Poster Session

Posters will be on display throughout the week. Those to be presented include:

  • Net Promoter Score: Why It Shouldn’t be the Only Number
    • Presented by Brian Utesch
  • UX Design for Sustainability: Where Academe, Business, and Community Meet
  • Purchasing Drugs Online: What’s the Ideal Checkout Experience?
    • Presented by Elizabeth Pratt, Ellie Jin and Caron Garstka
  • Don’t Stop Believin’: Journey Mapping To Promote User Centered Design
    • Presented by Puja Parakh and David Holmberg
  • 2018 design trends and their impact on accessibility
    • Presented by Denis Boudreau
  • Beautiful ruins: using metaphors of failure to reclaim, renovate and revive research
    • Presented by Emily Murray
  • From PC to Mobile: Transforming Web-based Tools to Mobile Applications
    • Presented by Xiao Chen
  • Tapping into various data sources to help create a complete, holistic picture of website users, identify website pain points, and prioritize evidence-based fixes
    • Presented by Elena Tran, Andrew Hinzman and Denise St. Clair
  • Principles of Inclusive Design: A case study on how designing for accessibility leads to improved experiences for all
    • Presented by Lillian Xiao
  • Research With Your Most Relevant Users: Interviewing the Fans at Conventions
    • Presented by Cindy Kim
  • Designing for Trust in the Cognitive Era
    • Presented by Mike Zacheja, Kaitlyn Pannunzio, Amy Gill and Thyra Rauch
  • UX Servant Leadership: The Blueprint for Curating an Amazing Employee Experience
    • Presented by Robert Skrobe
  • A Metrics-Based Model of the 21st Century Enterprise: A Novel Framework to Connect UX Metrics to Business Metrics
    • Presented by Asha Fereydouni and Kuldeep Kelkar
  • Medication non-adherence: finding solutions through design thinking approach
    • Presented by Anna Iurchenko
  • Eye Tracking in UX Research: Why It’s Useful and How to Get Started
    • Presented by Jen Romano-Bergstrom and Laura Rivera
  • Rehabilitation in the Virtual World
    • Presented by Alexander Theodorou, Ryan Odenthal and Sharath Raja

Location: Caribbean Ballroom Foyer Date: June 28, 2018 Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am